Fall is here!

Hey Glu’s,

Its officially november and that means good bye shorts and sandals and iced starbucks drinks and hello uggs and hot lattes!

Today was a drama filled day at school as always. The PC and i walked into OCD to the beat of Blurred lines🙂 I was dressed in a BCBG denim dress with a ralph lauren pink cardigan pullover. Black Flats and my new Zirna Zabete navy crocodile bag completed the look. Alicia had on new HUE knee high gray socks and a red sweater dress. Kristen had on a new green leather jacket. And dylan stunned in a cheetah print top with a Diane Von Furestenberg Red blazer.

Everything was going pretty well until lunch when the PC and I marched over to our usual table 18 to find some 7th grade LBRs sitting there. “Um get off of our seats!” Dylan said. “Yeah you might be new here so I’ll let you off with a warning but those are our seats Losers” I said. “Um this table doesen’t have your name on it so we have as much as a right to sit here as you do.” the LBR said. “Ok as you wish i said” I said. Then i grabbed a snapple off the LBRs tray and flung it at her cheap plastic headband. The LBR ran off crying and we sat at our rightful place.

“That girl was so ugly” Alicia said.

“Did you see her rabbit buck teeth?” I said.

“And the ugly explosions all over her forehead?” Kristen said.

“Who could forget about her eyes that were practically bulging out of there sockets?” Dylan said.

” I didn’t know they let rabbits go to school here!” I said.

The PC and I laughed and ate the rest of our salads. After lunch we all went to our classes and then carpooled home after. Today is Monday so I just went home after. A new post is coming up on Sunday! Its gonna be really ah-mazing!


Au Revoir,



Not Massie anymore!


First, this is for everyone who wanted to know my REAL name.

It’s not Massie and it’s not N.

It’s Nicole.

Massie Block has ruined my life.

But she has SAVED it as well.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking and I’m going to explain why I believe this is true.

One day, on a shining shelf, I saw the glossy cover of the first Clique book.

I picked it up and read the synopsis. I thought it would be a good read (and it was!) so I rented it.

I fell in love.

I memorized Designer Names, I blogged everyday, I let go of the things that truly matter to me for a little while.

But not anymore. Lisi is wonderful, ah-mazing, I might say and her message is brilliant.

She didn’t mean to approve of clique behavior, she meant to tell everyone how ridiculous it all was. She didn’t mean to intimidate anyone, and I read that on her very own blog at www.lisiharrison.com

So after two years of learning about the lifestyle of the rich, I was nearly addicted.

I began to realize how much Massie and I were alike. On the inside, Massie is a kind, caring, loyal, hilarious, sweetheart, animal-loving, advice-giving best friend.

On the outside, Massie is an scheming, rich, beautiful, stylish, mean, and does whatever it takes to win Alpha. I am the POTI Massie, because the POTO Massie is terrible.

But both Massie’s have literally saved my whole life. Being the girl that I was, I had terrible sense of style and no self-esteem. But knowing Massie, she gave me the things I never had. I wasn’t confident, and not many people would talk to me unless they knew my POTI life because I deff wasn’t a POTO.

But once Massie explained to me that style and confidence will get you far, I began to trust her and TRUST is a very important word. People began to get to know me, my style expressed myself, and I wasn’t lonely anymore. Invisible friends weren’t needed anymore for me and my small group. I got expose to other people who had the same interests as me. I am so thankful that Massie came into my life, but another part of me is disgusted that I ever met her.

So I have decided that Massie Block will only be blogging whenever N feels like it, and that might be never again.

But Massie Block is a great person, but the POTO side is ugly so I am not going along with that.

And also, I will be too busy to blog, so what’s the point?! I have a lot more important things to focus on, like my music, my dance, my acting, my school, and my future. (And surprise, Nicole is acting in a couple commercials soon! )

So if you are a clique fan like me, welcome. Because as Kristen said her summer collection book.

”Massie hates wannabees. They are LBRs. If you don’t be yourself, she’ll never like you.”

And I’m not doing this so I get love from HER. I’m doing it so I can realize who my real  friends are and not just the EWs that pretend that they’re the real deal.

So how did I realize all this? I just came back from a conference in DC with kids from around the country. The group I was assigned to and I got really close! Even closer then the PC and I. In my time there I learned a lot from them and realized that I’ve been surrounding myself with a bunch of fakes the last two years of my life. They taught me that it was never to late to start living and having fun because you know YODO: you only die once. For all of you who think being exactly like Massie is all the matters, it doesen’t matter what matters is surrounding yourself with the people you love and you can have lots of fun with. People who make you feel great not people who use your for popularity or money. if you do this I guarantee that your life will get 100x better than it was trying to be someone else.

So in conclusion after spending the last 3 years of my life seeing the world through massie’s eyes. I’m finally ready to see it through MY own eyes.

And a newsflash for you…MASSIE IS FICTIONAL.

So, I wish you good luck and lots of hope :)

Now we will see what happens in this next chapter….